10-Year-Old Dreams of Participating in the Paralympics

10-year-old Hannah Hewett

10-year-old Hannah Hewett has received many awards over the years, which includes her most recent accomplishment of "double above the knee amputee" National Champion and Record Holder in track.

In June, Hewett participated in the Endeavor Games in Oklahoma City and received gold medals in the 60, 100, 200, and 400 meter sprints as well as in archery. She set the record for all four of these events, last year in Rochester, MN while participating in the Junior National Disability Championship and looks forward to going back to improve her own records, this year. Hewett dreams of participating in the Paralympics some day.

"We have researched times at other events over the years and can say with confidence that Hannah is currently the fastest 10-year-old double or single above the knee amputee in the country if not the world," says John Hewett. "She also plays basketball, soccer, and swims. Not only has she proven herself successful in sports, she has been an inspiration to multitudes around the world over the years."

You can find more information and ways to support Hannah Hewett on her Facebook page, "Hannah Can".