11-Year Old Remains In Custody Following Shooting

We returned to the apartment where the shooting happened to check in on the grandmother. A concerned neighbor was also reaching out."Well I will definitely check on her and see what she needs. Maybe cook some meals."Katheryne Schrader say her son would often play with the 11 year old involved.'They're very good kids and it had to have been an accident.'Schrader says he never heard a gun go off but does remember hearing what the grandmother kept repeating.''You shot me, you shot me over and over again.'The 11-year-old is in custody. the police departments family violence unit just got the case this morning and they're still investigating.Sgt. Stephanie Jackson is with the Tulsa Police Department."Gathering the witness statements, making sure everything was done properly to hand it over for prosecution."Misdemeanor and felony cases involving juveniles end up at the Tulsa County Juvenile Center for intake. counselors look at the child's history. there's a hearing the next day to determine if the child remains in custody. serious cases like felony's as in the 11 year old... go to the District Attorney's office to determine whether the child should be considered a juvenile delinquent. its up to the da to file charges.