13-Year-Old Boy Receives Award for Helping Others Get Healthy

A 13-year-old boy was the recipient of the 2012 Kjell Tovander Award for his efforts to inspire others to get healthy in the area.

Mason Harvey will be honors with a ceremony at a VIP event on Saturday. The event is in conjunction with the 2012 Williams Route 66 race occurring this weekend.

According to the press release, Harvey is the first child to receive the award named in honor of Kjell Tovander who died at age 21 while trying to complete to 2008 Williams Route 66 Half Marathon.

"Kjell inspired so many people because of the person he was and the way he worked so hard to accomplish the goals he set for himself," said Margaux Tovander, Tovander's mother. "To know that Mason is receiving the award this year brings such joy to our family because he reminds us of Kjell's spirit and determination.

Just a year ago, he weighed 206 lbs and began to experience breathing trouble. Over the course of the year through exercise and diet, Harvey lost 85 lbs and founded Strivefor85 to help others get into shape.

This weekend, he and his brothers will compete in the 5K of the Route 66 race this weekend.

"I feel so much better and I know I'm healthier," Harvey said. "I am more confident, outgoing and energetic and it feels awesome to be able to help other kids that are going through what I did."

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