131st Street Road Closures Begin Today

Parts of 131st Street closed today as crews begin construction on bridge replacements.

As part of the Vision 2025 Haikey Creek Flood Protection Project, the city is increasing the drainage capacity of three out of the five bridges on 131st Street between Memorial and Garnett. One of these bridges has been deemed structurally deficient by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

The project consists of two phases:

  • Bridge Construction between Garnett and Mingo (Phase 1)
  • Construction between Mingo and Memorial (Phase 2)

Each phase will require closure of 131st Street between the intersections on either side of the replacements.

Phase 1 is scheduled to begin on May 27th with a competition date of July 13th, while Phase 2 will begin after Phase 1 is completed and will be open on or before August 20th.