$161 Million To Get Water In River

For Tulsans, it's a love/hate relationship.

"Some days it has water and some days it doesn't," said Joy Carr.

Love for the possibility of what it could be...

"The river being full would be nice," said Justin Loya.

Hate for what it usually is.

"It's a mud hole most of the time," said John Dixon.

But now, thanks to a renewed effort to actually get water in the river, there's also up to date price tag on what it would actually cost. $161 million.

"Wow!" said Joy."That seems kind of steep," said Scott McGill."It's a little pricey," said Loya.

But says Joy Carr, think about the $300 million price tag for The Gathering Place, and that's about to become a reality.

"We've already got some private funding for our big park that's just down the road, so if we can come up with almost twice that I think, for a park, I think we need to do something about our river," said Carr.

And while just about everyone was opposed to any kind of new tax to pay for it...

"I don't think people would be all for more taxes," said Loya.

There was an exception.

"I would be ok with being taxed if it meant my river was going to be pretty all the time," said Dakota Roses actually willing to pony up money to finally make water in the river a reality.

"I would be. I think a lot of people are scared of taxes cause they're like oh that's more of my money. You think about your money it's really a couple of dollars you're not going to miss but everybody pulling together you're gonna see big results really fast," he said.