Local Woman Talks After Texting and Driving Car Accident

It takes just a split second for disaster to happen if you are texting and driving. Experts say texting takes your eyes off the road for an average of five seconds. One local woman found that out the hard way earlier this week.

A 20-year-old caused a crash that could have taken her life and a friend's life. On a rural road in Broken Arrow, Cristina Rubio was driving home with her best friend Megan Stephens. That's when Rubio got the text message that would change their lives.

"I looked down at my phone for a spilt second and before I even knew it I had took down a brick mailbox and rolled three times," says Cristina Rubio.

The mailbox Rubio hit is now just a pile of bricks on the side of the road. Rubio says since it happened so fast she doesn't remember much.

"I remember hearing my car crushing and my head, I thought I was hitting the roof of the car," says Rubio, "I remember hearing was my best friend Megan screaming and crying it was the worst feeling ever."

Rubio says she doesn't even remember what the text was about.

"I had enough time to type three words and I didn't know what happened. I was rolling. My car was rolling before I even knew. I had written three words," says Rubio.

Rubio says the worst part is she could have taken her best friends life just for a text message.

"I didn't only put my life in danger when I picked up my phone, I put my friends life in danger and could have been anyone else on the road," says Rubio.

Rubio hopes these pictures and story will keep others from texting and driving because even she admits she never thought this could happen to her.

"I can text without looking at my phone I've been texting and driving for a very long time I never thought it would happen to me I didn't even think of the possibilities of wrecking because of texting and driving," says Rubio.

Rubio she has already started changing her driving habits. She no longer even has her phone on in the car.