2013-14 Snowfall Stats Include Rare Spring Snow

Photo: Cheryl Egan

The past winter is one we won't soon forget, and the reminders don't seem to end. We recorded a trace of snow weeks after the official start of spring, which isn't unheard of around here but is still a little unusual.

Since our snow season began in late 2013, we have seen our fair share of the white stuff. While this season's snowfall wasn't a record breaker, it was well above average. The heaviest snowfall total recorded in one day was December 6, 2013 with 4.2".

As we look ahead into the next month, we don't see any major systems that would suggest the potential for more snow, but we might experience a couple more cold snaps. With that said, I never say never.

Remember last May when we recorded a trace of snow on May 2 and 9?

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