2013 Ford Award: Week 4 Nominee

Lawrence Evitt is a two-time Ford Award Nominee and he's putting up some PlayStation type numbers again this year. Last week he carried the ball 22-times for 311-yards and scored three touchdowns. He's just 126-yards away from 5000 for his career. Lawrence is special running back.

"He's as athletic and talented a guy as I've had the opportunity to coach. I would say as a one play explosive player I would say him and Kevin Peterson are the two most explosive players I've ever coached." said Wagoner head football coach Dale Condict, "Lawrence is probably the best that I've had as a ball carrier. He can do some many things with the ball. he has the opportunity to score every time he has the ball in his hands."

Lawrence has a lot of dreams that he's determined to make come true. The first is winning another state championship and going on to a successful college career. Giving his family a better life is what drives him

"Oh man! My family makes me go harder because we've been through it. We've all be through ups and downs together like I said last year." said Lawrence, "Me and my mom have come a long way. You know my grandma was a strong hard working woman also. She would break her back for me and the rest of my little cousins and big cousins and brothers. I just really do it for my family. It's not just about me. I do it for me and my family and the team and the community."

The community of Wagoner has a good one in Lawrence Evitt and he is your week four Ford Award Nominee.

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