2013 Ford Award: Week 5 Nominee

"I'm Tre'von Cherry, quarterback at East Central and I like to play Call of Duty."

The East Central Cardinals go as their junior quarterback goes and last week #9 had a phenomenal game.

He racked up 358 total yards and six touchdowns as the cards have it clicking after a slow start.

"I work hard all the time. I just keep pushing and pushing myself to be better and better every week and everyday. I want to be the best quarterback, but it take work and those guys they help me out. my offensive lineman are big. And my receivers are big too."

Tre'von is a big play threat. He's quick and fast, but he's not one dimensional. He says he loves throwing the football just as much as running it.

"Dropping the passes in there. Seeing that you dropped that touchdown pass in there? There is no feeling like it. You just love it. And getting hit? Sometimes I love getting hit."

There are several things Tre'von wants, a state championship, to play college football and...

"I just want to get taller. I wish everyday that I could just get taller. I hope for the best but you know I can't really control it. I want to be 6'3. I really wish I could get it, but it's not coming in for me right now."

At 6-foot... He's not far off. Tre'von Cherry is your week five Ford Award nominee