2013 Ford Award Week 6 Nominee

"My name is Jeffery Mead, I'm a wide receiver at Union high School, a lot of people relate me to Sheldon Cooper off the Big Bang Theory."

Jeffery Mead is one the most talented guys we have here in "Green Country."

He is a football, basketball and baseball star.

When I awarded him his Elite 8 nomination back in basketball season, he said deciding which sport to play in college was going to be tough.

But he has committed to play football at Oklahoma.

"The choice of which school to go to was the hardest. I was getting a lot for recruiting letters for football then I was for basketball and baseball. I was still getting some for those other ones but not like football. So the choice to go was a little harder but it eventually became easy after time."

Last Friday against Enid, Jeffery had just three catches but he made the most of his grabs.

One went 61-yards for a touchdown. Another went for 64-yards for a score.

He's the kind of guy that's going to give you his absolute best. Because he can't stand to fail.

"I was at my friends house last night at ten o'clock playing a strategy game and me and this guy were going one on one. If I would have lost it would have made me very very mad, but I didn't lose. So I made sure I didn't lose. But it's just in general being a competitor. I hate losing with a passion. It's just like people say, you've got to hate losing more than you love winning. So, that's pretty much it."

Jeffery Mead is your Week Six Ford Award Nominee.