2014 Week 5 Elite 8 Ford Award Nominees

"My name is Savannah Gray. I'm from Fort Gibson. I'm a point guard and I hate pizza."

I bet you don't hear that from a high school kid very often. Savannah is also a part of something else quite rare. In her career at Fort Gibson she's only lost three games. In four-years, her career record is 105-3 with two state championships. She says winning a third ring would be extra special.

"My freshman year was awesome because I was a freshman and I never thought in a million years I would win a state title my freshman year. But I had awesome teammates and awesome coaches. My junior years was awesome, but it didn't feel as good as my freshman year. If I won my senior year it would be the most important and best memory I could ever have. It would be awesome to get another ring."

This week's boys nominee brings us to McLain High School. And even though this guy comes off the bench, he still has a major impact for the Titans.

"My name is Nick Foster. I'm a combo guard. I attend Tulsa McLain. Fun fact about me is I love my dad, I love my teammates and I love 2K."

Nick began the season as a starter for McLain... But Coach Cordel Love thought he needed a spark off the bench and Nick is that guy. The Titans tempo jumps to a different level with him on the floor. Coach Love calls it instant offense.

"Means a lot coming from him because he's a scorer himself. So I just say motivation man. If it feels easy everyone would be doing it. Everyone wants to hear their name called in the starting five, but I feel like as a team player it helps the bench. Everybody can't start, so I just feel like it's a boost for me so when I get on the court it's showtime after that."

Congrats to McLain's Nick Foster and Savannah Gray of Fort Gibson. They are your week five nominees for the Elite 8 Ford Award.