2014 Week 6 Elite 8 Ford Award Nominees

"I'm Baileigh O'Dell. I'm from Verdigris High School. I'm a point guard and a fun fact about me is I like Eminem."

And like Eminem, Baileigh's not afraid to lay it all on the line. She leads Class 3A in scoring with almost 22 points a game and she's quickly approaching the Verdigris record for all-time points in a career. Her Lady Cards are 21-2 on the season and ranked third in the state. She's got a motor that just won't stop which has prompting some to make an interesting comparison.

"Ball! I've had several people tell me I'm like a dog. Follow the ball, that's my ball, I'm going to get the ball. I'd have to say where ever the ball is I see it and I'm going to try my best to go get it." O'Dell said, "If anyone is better than me I take it personally. I can't stand that feeling to know that someone is out working me or someone is doing better than I am. So I make it my purpose never to feel that way."

We head north to Ketchum for this week's boys nominee. This guys has a really tiny name, but he brings some big time results.

"Hi my name is Tanner Mouse from Ketchum High School. I'm a junior guard. I love beating my brother at 2K14."

Tanner is a warrior and I'm not just talking about Ketchum's mascot His coach calls him an extremely hard worker. Last week he scored 41 points in a game against Colcord with a 101-degree fever. He scored 109-points last week alone. He says it's hard to describe what it's like to be in that zone.

"I really don't think about it at the time. I just look up after the game and they tell me what I have. I don't even pay attention to it during the game I'm just trying to win. I love being a point guard. It's something I've always been since I was little. Since my freshman year I've been a point guard. I'd like to play college ball after high school. Hopefully I can. I need to put on some weight, work on my vertical and work on finishing around the rim."

Congrats to Ketchum's Tanner Mouse and Baileigh O'Dell of Verdigris. They are your week six nominees for the Elite 8 Ford Award.