21 Arrested in Major Tulsa Drug Bust

A multi-agency investigation led to a major methamphetamine bust with ties to a Mexican cartel.

Early Friday morning, agents and officers served three search warrants and 47 arrest warrants. The defendants in the investigation are accused of trafficking methamphetamine into Tulsa.

21 defendants are in custody following today's raid.

According to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Spokesman Mark Woodward, the primary targets in the investigation had ties to Mexican cartel sources. As much as 260 pounds of meth were transported from Mexico into Tulsa over the past four years.

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"In August of 2012, several agencies began working together to identify a major meth trafficking network operating in Tulsa," said Woodward. "This group of defendants would import several pounds of crystal methamphetamine or 'ICE' into Tulsa on a weekly basis to supply local street dealers and users."

The OBN, Tulsa Police Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration were all involved in the investigation.

"We must continue to have great resolve against these individuals," said Darrell Weaver, OBN Director.

The defendants taken into custody today face multiple charges including Trafficking of a Controlled Dangerous Substance.