3 New Tulsa City Councilors Sworn In

Three Tulsa City Councilors were sworn into office Monday for a two-year term.

Three Tulsa City Councilors were sworn into office Monday for a two-year term.

The new council has the most women ever to serve -- three of the nine councilors are women. One of those women, District 7 Councilor Arianna Moore is the youngest city councilor ever at 25 years old.

The 2005 Bixby high school graduate said she planned to pursue politics even back then.

"Sometimes you just know what you're supposed to do in life," said Councilor Moore. "I'm supposed to help people and this is the best method for me to do that."

As a Bixby high school student, Moore was focused on band where she played the marimba. As a new city councilor, her focus will be on fixing Tulsa's streets.

Outgoing City Council Chair, GT Bynum -- who happens too be the youngest council chair -- had words of wisdom for Moore.

"I would tell any young person with the guts to run for office to do your best and don't let anybody put you in a box because you are a young person in public office, said Councilor Bynum.

Bynum said there is a trend of young people seeking public office.

"That's important, not just because we reflect younger Tulsans' views," said Bynum. "It also introduces a more long-term perspective into decision making."

Newly installed Councilor Moore said she will provide the council with another point-of-view, and she has the eight experienced councilors to help guide her.

Councilor Moore was the only new councilor sworn in today. Councilors Blake Ewing and Jack Henderson were sworn in for another two-year term.

Councilor Henderson said one item on his agenda for the new term are pay raises for councilors. City Councilors currently make $18,000 a year for their part-time work.

This afternoon, District 3 Councilor, David Patrick was elected Council Chair for the coming year. Karen Gilbert of District 5 was elected Council Vice-Chair.