Police Urge Women to Be Careful as Search Continues for Sexual Predator

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan spoke out on Monday regarding the serial rapist.

"I will tell you this, the perpetrator will be brought to justice," Jordan said. "This guy is a real bad guy and we are going to be sure we catch this real bad guy."

The chief made that promise and a plea to women to lock their doors and windows.

"The suspect is coming through the rear of the home. He is coming through a window or door. I will also tell you he has not broken down a door kicked in a door. Anything that makes noise, he has not done," said Jordan.

The chief also advised closing curtains and blinds because the rapist could be looking inside for his next victim.

And what does the suspect look like? The composite sketch shows him as a white male. But the chief says no one knows for sure.

"That is the perception of one witness and one victim only. Others say the suspect is light skin African American," Jordan said. "Don't limit yourself to that one composite."

The chief also said a 50 member task force is handling more than 100 tips they've received from the public.

Police will open a mobile command center to disseminate information to the task force members working the streets.