3 Tulsa Friends Have Cooked Up Success

Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

Well, there's proof right here in Tulsa, that it can be done by expanding a hobby with your friends.

A business called 3 Guys Smokin is making it, based on cooking up good barbeque with good buddies.

Craig Dahlquist is credited with getting the whole thing moving.

He started cooking barbeque competitively and his friends joined the effort for fun.

He says, after that, one good idea led to another and a business was born.

Success in cooking competitions led to a deal with the Steamroller Blues Restaurant at 18th and Boston.

Once they started cooking for that business, their sauce became a hit with customers.

So that quickly led to selling their sauce, rubs and even t-shirts.

Dalhquist's partner, Tim Kelly, says that first step led to new challenges.

When they had to make 500 gallons of sauce instead of 10, they had to find a manufacturer to handle the work.

Kelly says their next move, was to begin cooking classes to spread what they'd learned.

The classes then got them into the catering business, when their students wanted their food for entertaining and business meetings.

25-years later they're still moving ahead.

The third partner is Tim Williams who says they're hoping to expand, to other parts of the country.

He says people in places like California and Colorado people are enjoying their sauces.

Williams says he's glad they have product that appeals to folks outside the traditional barbeque belt.

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