36 Tulsa Schools Failing, According to State Grades

Thirty-six Tulsa schools were given a failing grade on the state's A-F grading system, according to ratings released by Tulsa Public Schools.

The ratings are not official until the State Board of Education certifies and releases the grades tomorrow.

Check Your Child's School Grade

Several educators have spoken out against the grading system. Tulsa School Superintendent Keith Ballard says the F ratings indicate the grading system is failing more than the schools.

"In my view, these grades are flawed and completely inconsequential," Ballard said. "They do not match up with the reality that parents, teachers and students see firsthand in our schools every day. To say that 36 of our schools and 1,066 teachers are deserving of an 'F' is ludicrous, especially given the progress we are making with our district's reform efforts."

Ballard says six schools went from a D to an F despite making significant progress in the past year. He says the district will continue to focus on its own plans for improving schools.

"A simple letter grade given to a school does nothing to guide classroom instruction," Ballard said.