Four Thousand In Oklahoma Considered Long-Term Unemployed

Having a job to go to everyday is something many people could easily take for granted. But not everyone.

Ryan Major has been unemployed since Christmas December 25th. For the past four months, Major has been looking for work after his last job did not work out.

"It was good, it gave me more time to look for a job that I actually wanted I didn't have to just jump into a lower level job."

So Major bought a cat, helped around the house, looked for work, got unemployment. But still things were far from perfect.

"It was pretty difficult because after a while you started seeing the same jobs up there and you apply for one company and they say they don't like you so they had a bunch of other jobs open and it was like if they didn't like me, I have to go somewhere else."

We spoke to Workforce Oklahoma which says there remains a huge demand in accounting healthcare and IT jobs, but the appropriate skills are not there to match those jobs. Major thinks he's found a job.

"I'll be making the same money I was on unemployment but then I'll actually be able to do stuff. I won't be just sitting around here all day doing nothing."

Major supports congress extending the benefits of the long term unemployed.

"So giving you a five month deadline, that's how long mine lasted. It's kind of like picking up the pace, I need to find a job quickly cause in a year you're like 'I'll apply for this job because you have to apply for a job every week.'"