49th Is Not OK - Parents Lobby For School Funding

When word came that Eisenhower would be losing its technology teacher due to state budget cuts, some parents decided to teach the state a lesson in civics.

"We got a group of people together and just decided to do something about it," said Jennifer Fultz.

That something was the creation of 49th is not OK.

"We're ranked 49th out of 51 in the United States for per pupil funding for education," said Marlow Perkins Sipes.

The goal of the group, get money to schools and stop the year after year fiscal blood letting.

"They've cut the funding back over $200 million since 2008," said Fultz.

But creating change can be tough.

"They were not going to budge," said Perkins Sipes.

That was the initial response from lawmakers when the group first introduced themselves. So the moms organized a lesson on amplification.

"We put together in two weeks a rally where we had almost 1,000 people attend," Fultz.

And this week, a candidates forum where 10 lawmakers running for office will be all ears.

"The only way we're gonna make a change is if we are going to elect people who are going to make education a priority," said Perkins Sipes.

"It's really exciting what parents are causing to happen," said Melissa Abdo.

Melissa will be the moderator at the event. One of the tough questions headed towards the candidates?

"What would you prioritize? A further reduce of the state income tax or restoring the cuts to education?," said Abdo.

Hopefully the lawmakers will have done their homework. Cause Mom...

"This is an important time to have an active voice," said Perkins Sipes.

Isn't taking any excuses.

"They've been hearing from people now and we really can see a change," said Fultz.