4th of July Boating Accident Leaving Lake-Goers Questioning Safety

The July 4th hit-and-run accident on Lake Eufaula that killed Gary McIninch, 55, of Oklahoma City has boaters on other area lakes worried about their safety out on the water.

A day on the lake to celebrate the 4th of July ended with two children injured and one man dead. The man's body was discovered this weekend.

But, what happened on Thursday is still the talk around area lakes, with the driver of the ski boat responsible still on the loose.

"Well, it's unthinkable. I mean -- to me -- either, they never had a conscience to begin with or they were drunk and just didn't care and all they thought about was themself," said boater, Linda Bogert.

Bogert and her husband, Scott, are regulars at Keystone Lake. The incident at Lake Eufaula has them questioning the overall safety of the lakes. "Are there enough lake patrols out there?," Linda asked. That question was posed to Oklahoma State Senator, Bill Brown of District 36 last week by Channel 8's Yvonne Lewis. "I've got legislation I'm going to be carrying on, licensing boats and drivers and making sure that -- you know -- people [will] be more responsible," Brown said.

"More responsible" is exactly what boaters like the Bogerts would like to say for those with whom they share the waters.

With the spike in drinking that comes with summer holidays on the lake, it is something many see as a problem that calls for stricter enforcement, leaving some wondering -- "Is it a problem that can be fixed?"

"Is that what the world's coming to, anyway? People don't care very much anymore? I don't know...," Bogert said.

Authorities are still looking for those on board the boat, responsible for the crash.

If you have any tips or information in the case, you're asked to contact Oklahoma Highway Patrol or local law enforcement.