5 Month Mystery Solved

He disappeared on a hot summer day in August.

"We need closure, we need answers, we need to know where he's at," said his niece Melanie Anderson.

It would be nearly five months, before his she would be able to stop wondering.

"It's kind of closure in a way for me," she said.

On Saturday, the remains of her uncle were found near a briar patch.

"The first thing I found was the skull of the skeleton," said hunter Travis Merchant. He had been tracking a deer he had shot when he came upon something disturbing.

"I see a lot of bones when I'm out hunting, mostly deer or cattle or coyote, but not a human being, you just don't see that," he said.

As to how Timothy Hauser's body wound up there? Authorities have suspected Trysta Shaffer and Rusty Petty for quite a while.

"We're gonna look at additional charges," said Osage county Under sheriff Lou Ann Brown.

Before Saturday's discovery they were just facing charges of robbery. According to Melanie, her uncle was last seen going to the Osage casino with Rusty and Trysta, whom Melanie pressed for information as to what happened.

"And then she would say they were on a dirt road and that Rusty left her and drove off and came back without Timmy, and no shirt and there was blood," she said.

With the discovery of the remains, murder charges are expected. A step towards justice for Melanie, provided by a hunter who never found that deer, but bagged the answer to a five month mystery.

"I mean I didn't do much, I just stumbled across it," he said.

"He's an angel for us, he brought us something that no one else could have," she said.