5 Things Never To Pay Full Price For

Hate paying full price for something? There are some things you may not know you can haggle over.Not everyone likes to negotiate a deal.{} But if you've got the nerve, Kiplinger came up with 5 things which you might not have known you could talk money off the price tag.

  • Big screen TVs and many other big ticket electronics.{} Compare price quotes from other stores to the sales clerk and insist the sticker price is beyond your budget.
  • Gym memberships.{} Once again shop around and compare prices. If you have your heart set on a given gym, ask the manager to match the lower price you've found.
  • Mattresses.{} The Kiplinger report says markups are astronomical, and you can get half off the price tag.{} You'll be able to sleep better if you do.
  • Financial advisers.{} Form ADV Part Two explains the adviser's compensation policy and should make it clear if fees are negotiable.{}{}
  • Rent.{} For new rents, it won't hurt to ask for a small price concession.

Like I mentioned, haggling isn't for everyone, but it could save you money where you least expect it.{}

For more information, check out Kiplinger's{} "5 Things You Can Haggle For".{} Good luck.