59 Tickets Written in TPD Checkpoint

The Tulsa Police Department has released their numbers from the DUI checkpoint they conducted Friday night at 51st and Memorial.

A spokesperson with the TPD said they wrote 59 tickets during the checkpoint, which was conducted from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. Friday.

One female was arrested for driving under the influence, and another woman was arrested after she pulled into a parking lot next to the checkpoint. Police say that woman parked haphazardly and was slumped over in her car and very intoxicated.

An arrest was made on a male with multiple warrants and another male was arrested after leading police on a short chase. Tulsa Police say the suspect diverted away from the checkpoint, then sped away. Police followed him and he jumped out of the vehicle and ran into a bar. Residents in the bar pointed out the suspect, who police say had stolen credit cards and wallets. The vehicle was also reportedly stolen.

The TPD spokesperson said about 500 cars came through the checkpoint and police tried stopping every fifth car that came through.