62-Year-Old Raises Awareness Through Cross-Country Trek

Most 62-year-olds would be content sitting at home enjoying retirement or hanging out with their grandchildren, but not one man raising awareness for a degenerative brain disease.

Back in January of this year, Jack Fussell began his adventure from Georgia to California in a run that will help him raise awareness for the fight against Alzheimer's disease. One of his stops took place here in Tulsa over at Senior Star at Burgundy Place, an area retirement community.

According to a release from the Alzheimer's Association, Fussell needs to raise $70 per mile until he reaches Monterey, California. He hopes to reach $25,000 by the time he gets to the Golden State.

A welcome party was held on Monday for Fussell during his stop in Tulsa. Residents, staff and members attended the event where they heard from Fussell about his journey.

Fussell is running in memory of his father, whom he lost to Alzheimer's disease in 2000, according to the Alzheimer's Association. His journey is also a celebration of life for Fussell because when he was three he was run over by a car and told he may not live.

And just one year after his father passed away, he was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and told he only had one year left to live. It was at this time that Jack decided to turn his life around and commit to a healthy lifestyle. As a result, he lost over 100 pounds and has been training for this trip for the last 10 years.