67th Pawnee Indian Veterans Powwow Kicks Off

The 67th Pawnee Indian Veterans Powwow on Saturday is an event, rooted in tradition and pride. For the Pawnee Indians, it means coming together, honoring veterans, and celebrating Native American culture.

"Just watching the games, watching the comradery, watching the teams have fun," said Randi Collins-Estes, attending the event.

Celebrations included a softball tournament to honor the only Pawnee tribal member to ever play major league baseball, along with camping, and dancing.

This year, though, is about more than the traditional events. The tribe has invited all nearby Native American tribes to join in on the celebrations, bringing their own influences to the table.

"It's important to the Indian people -- not just the Pawnee people -- the Indian people, in general." A member of the Pawnee tribe, Darrell Wildcat says powwows like these bring back memories. "My parents used to camp here for years and we just, kind of, grew up around this and it was just a part of our heritage -- this type of gathering."

Wildcat says it is important to include other tribes, celebrating heritage and honoring all veterans. "As long as there are wars, there's always going to be this type of activity. Even if there was no wars, we'd still remember those who fought in the past," said Wildcat.