8-Hour Diet Plan Promises Big Results

Now that we're several weeks into the new year, how are you doing on that resolution to lose weight?

One new diet plan offers an interesting alternative.

You're only allowed to eat for 8-hours a day.

We spoke with the Editor of Men's Health Magazine, who says it's sort of a modified fast that you do every day.

Peter Moore says he wakes up and has coffee every day before he works out.

But he doesn't start eating until noontime.

Then he doesn't have any food after 8:00 pm that night.

He lost 15 pounds quickly and had to go to only 3 days of dieting every week, because his wife was complaining he was too thin.

While the plan isn't restrictive on what you eat, Moore says you can't go crazy.

Since he's only eating 8-hours a day he tries to eat a lot of high-quality foods like fruits, veggies and nuts.

He says there's a week or two of adjustment, but after that most people will get used to the diet.

Moore says a lot of our eating is about being bored or dealing with stress.

He also contends the diets matches up, with how ancient man ate his meals.

There was often feast or famine, it wasn't a 24-banquet.

He ads that fasting has been a religious practice and health practice for thousands of years.

We should note, that the diet does have critics.

Some critics say it's only a rework of other diets and doesn't place enough emphasis what you eat.

It can also go against some of the standard rules, like eating a big breakfast.