School Officials Consider Safer Sidewalks After Child Hit by Car

A 9-year old boy who was hit by a car earlier this week passed away this morning spurring a search for safe walking routes for pedestrians.

Every morning Ethan Lewis would walk with his brother and sister 3/4 of a mile to their bus stop. Part of it was on a two-lane Mohawk Boulevard with no lights and no sidewalks to guide them.

On Wednesday, a driver Ethan in the street and hit him from behind. His death now raises questions about the safety of this route selected by Tulsa Public Schools.

State guidelines require bus stops to have speed limit signs nearby and street lights above them with a clear path of vision for drivers.

Because of all those reasons, Ethan had to walk to what school officials designated as a safe bus stop, in front of Traice Academy.

Now the district is looking for a safer place or a safer walk.

"Could a light be put in somewhere where we could make it safer, and maybe make one of these other places a better option for a bus stop," Said Chris Payne, of possible options.

"Money is going to be a problem but we find money to do things we need to do and this one thing we need to do," said City Councilor, Jack Henderson, pledging his support for change.

Henderson says he will bring the issue up, next Thursday during council meeting.