95-Year-Old High School Graduate Checks Off Latest Bucket List Item

Lois Roberts Turner is Ponca City's most recent high school graduate, and she's 95 years old. Lois is also the first female veteran in Oklahoma to earn her high school diploma. Her degree is the latest item to be checked off her bucket list.

In just the last five years she's flown in a helicopter, gone sky diving, and ridden in a gyroscope. Fitting activities for a woman who's friends call her a "95-year-old teenager, because I go barefoot and wear shorts."

Oddly enough, Lois's recent accomplishments pale in comparison to what's she already overcome. Her dad left when she was four. Her mom died at seven. She quit school at twelve to take care of family members during the depression.

The day after she married at 19, she found out her new husband had a drinking problem and was abusive. She served in World War II, and after she returned home safely, she went to beauty school on the GI Bill. After completing her courses, doctors told her she was allergic to hair.

Her luck would change when she met the love of her life George Turner. She said in all her 95 years, being married to George was the happiest she's ever been. Lois has accomplished and overcome a lot in her life, but she's not done yet. Next up: riding in a hot air balloon.