A Bad Winter Could Cause A Bad Allergy Season

If your allergy symptoms have been mild so far this year, that's about to change. The cold winter we faced has pushed back the allergy season.

Doctors tell us that will make things even worse in the days ahead. This coming allergy season could be brutal. It could create, what you might call, an allergy apocalypse.

During a normal spring all our plants pollinate at different times, so it spreads out the misery.

That's not going to be the case this year. Your regular allergy medication may not be enough to handle all the pollen that will be in the air.

Just a couple of warm, sunny days will start all the trees and grasses at the same time.

Dr. Jane Purser, of the Allergy Clinic of Tulsa, says start your pills and nose sprays now. You will probably need both.

Prevention will be a key in a very rough allergy season. She recommends taking a shower and washing you face an eyes, before going to bed. That way you an sleep pollen free.

Purser also recommends putting your eye drops in the refrigerator. That way they will be nice and refreshing when you put them in your eyes.

But no matter what steps you take, if you have allergies, it may be a long spring.