Battle With Cancer Gives Tulsa Mother New View Of Life

A Tulsa mother who's survived breast cancer and 6 surgeries said those experiences have changed her life.

She believes we should all make a serious effort when it comes to protecting our health. So she's gone all out to protect herself from unnecessary chemicals.

Ginger Koory said the surgeries took some of her lymph nodes and compromised her immune system. So her doctor warned her that she could have problems if she didn't avoid harmful chemicals.

Since she wanted to stay around to enjoy her kids and their kids, she decided to take that warning seriously. So she started experimenting with organic plant oils to make make things like skin lotions and body wash that are free of impurities.

"I think a good rule of thumb is that if you can't pronounce it you shouldn't be eating it or using it," Ginger said. "I think that's the safest bet."

She's done a lot of research and found that our skin can be easily affected by whatever it touches.

"Anything you put on your skin you body, twenty-six seconds later your body is processing it."

She says cancer has taught her that its worth going out of her way to avoid unnecessary health risks. One of her doctors was impressed with how her oils had helped her incisions and ordered a case to sell to his patients.