A Common Sense Diet Plan Will Pay Off

Sincethe 1st of the year, a lot of us have been talking about weight loss.

Butdon't jump on the next fad diet that comes along.

That'sbecause they're almost a guarantee of failure.

Nutrition and dieting expert Julie Miller tells us there's nomagic fix.

Unlessyou can stick with a plan, for the long term, it's a waste of time.

Shesays wereally need to care about long-range results.

Plansthat make huge promises, about no exercise or calorie counting, won'twork.

Plus,It's dangerous to go up and down with your weight.

You'remuch better off with a slow and steady weight loss.

Millersays people who succeed, use normal foods in reduced amounts.

Partof the problem is that people in the U.S. Suffer from portiondistortion.

Thetypical restaurant serving is more than enough food, for two people.

Shesuggests dividing the plate in half and then take half home for lunchthe next day.

Whenit comes to soft drinks, go with 6 or 7 ounces like in the servingsof the 1950's.

Millersays in the end calories do count.

Shealso says be sure to eat breakfast, even if you don't like breakfastfood.

Ifyou have to, eat pizza, just eat a sensible amount.