A Dozen New Leads in Attempted Abduction and Glenpool Rape Case

Tulsa Police officers are working a dozen new leads in a case where a man attempted to abduct two Tulsa girls from a lemonade stand back in March. That same man is wanted for an unsolved rape case in Glenpool.

"There is a child predator somewhere that has abducted one, raped one, tried to abduct two more and he will try again," said Sgt. John Adams who works in the Children Exploitation Unit with the Tulsa Police Department.

On Tuesday we told you the girls gave police a cup that the suspect used. It carried his DNA and it also tied him to the rape case.

"It was a match so it is the same person that's involved," Sgt. Adams said.

Right now officers are trying to collect DNA samples from at least a dozen men.

"We got one individual that we got the warrant for the dna and he is trying to avoid us and we are trying to serve," Sgt. Adams said.

TPD is working with the lemonade stand girls to create a sketch of the man who tried to lure them into his car, but Sgt. Adams said someone else knows who this predator is.

"They don't know that he did it but they know that he drives or has driven a Maxima or a white SUV so nobody out there knows the guy who has access to both those vehicles," Sgt. Adams said.

If you have any information or know someone who drives a tan or gold Nissan Maxima and a White Jeep Cherokee call Crime Stoppers at 918- 596- COPS.