KTUL Anchor Loses Home in Mannford Fire

The devastation is so widespread, it becomes surreal. Saturday's scenes of furious flames in every direction, replaced Sunday with homes reduced to ash, countless charred telephone poles, and blackened fields devoid of any life. So much destruction, the images becomes numbing. Until, amongst the rubble you recognize the familiar."You know you see it on the news all the time and you don't realize it until it happens how emotional it is," said Tulsa's{}Channel 8's Keith Taylor, sifting through the ashes of what was his home."They were saying this is an incredibly hot fire. Look at the way it warped that metal door. That's a, that's a door," he said.How hot was it? It was at least 900 degrees for this glass to melt. The aluminum ladder had to hit 1,200 degrees before it turned into puddles of metal. But even amongst all the ruin, Keith's humor still finds a way through.Were there wheels on this lawnmower? "Yeah, oh yeah. What do you think it was setting over there without wheels? What kind of people you think we are over here in Mannford, huh?" he laughed.People apparently who even when they've lost everything, still worry about their fellow neighbors.{}"That's the sad part to me, is we've got insurance, you know, and it hurts, but there's other people who lost absolutely everything, and have no way to bounce back, I feel for them. We'll be fine, but I worry about those other folks, sorry," he said.He's the face may of you wake up to in the morning, he's the voice you hear over breakfast, and he's the heart worn on his sleeve when it comes to Mannford."It's a pretty cool community. Am I coming across as a sissy?," he laughed.