Organizers Set to Debut 'A Gathering Place' for Tulsa

It's a vast, open emptiness. An area along Riverside about to be transformed from ho hum to oh my.

"It'll put Tulsa on the map," said Ray Hoyt of Visit Tulsa.

Last month, a conceptual map was put on display of what the area which will soon be known as the gathering place will look like.

"There will be walking paths, there will be some retail options, there will be some open space," he said.

And starting Tuesday, a model will be on display that will reflect the community's input.

"I think the gathering place is going to kind of make a focal point for a lot of interactivity with a lot of different options, so that you can find yourself spending the day there and not kind of running out of things to do," he said.

And given it's location, the site could help tie downtown to areas further south.

"It starts to actually turn it into almost a public corridor, it really starts to turn the river into something that probably everybody hopes it'll be someday," he said.

The gathering place, a large development of optimism.

"There's still great opportunity for public and private money to work together to create something for the community that's world class," said Hoyt.