Man Walks Away Unhurt After Gas Can Engulfs Truck

A man walks away unhurt after a ball of fire engulfs his pickup truck Thursday morning.

Philip Davis says he was returning home with a can of gasoline. Davis took it from the bed of his truck and moved it to the back seat. After reaching for something else in the cab, the can toppled over and somehow a spark ignited the can.

"It was in my hand the whole time and when it fell over, it flash burned and then I ran away from it. I still had the jug in my hand so, I never let go of the jug. Something sparked it and I tried to get away from it," Davis said.

He wasn't seriously hurt, only his facial hair was singed. However, he truck wasn't so lucky. It was completely destroyed and the heat melted most of the siding on his home.

Davis says in the future, he'll set the gas can on the ground.