A Message to Residents is Now the Talk of The Town

Be The Bridge

New Signs are the talk of the town in Sand Springs. They are located on the Arkansas River Bridge on Highway 97.

The signs are meant to send a message into the community. The only problem is the drivers going across the bridge don't quite understand.

Drivers only have a few seconds to see it, process it and remember the message. "Be The Bridge," it reads as they are driving over the bridge.

It has everyone at Beauty on Broadway salon using beauty and brains to figure it out. They have even been on Facebook asking what it means.

City manager Rocky Rogers says the signs are there to motivate the city he manages to just be your best, and if you see where you, your church, your job or your family can make a difference, be a bridge.

"You don't wait for somebody to do their part. You start bridging that gap you start filling in the gap," said Rogers.

The signs will be up for about 8 more weeks and city leaders hope by then drivers and citizens will have received the message. They plan to use the signposts to hang other motivational messages in the future.