A New Management Deal Will Stabilize the O.S.U. Medical Center For The Future

A new agreement will make sure that a big part of this state's medical care will be around for the future. That includes everything from emergency room care to the training of doctors for small Oklahoma towns.

The O.S.U. Medical Center is now under the management of the Mercy Health. That means the center is in position to help people over the long haul. While it's a key public medical facility for Tulsa, it also help to train about 150 new physicians every year.

More than 50% of those medical students go into primary care in Oklahoma.

Dr. Kayse Shrum is the President and Provost for the O.S.U. Center for Health Sciences. She said training those doctors is crucial, because we rank 49th nationally in primary care physicians.

"We know that those physicians are going to go out and have a positive impact. Not just here in Tulsa but all across the state."

She added that all the federal health care reforms are pointless if people can't find personal physicians. The O.S.U. Medical Center also provides 45,000 emergency room visits every year.

While all the schools facilities will provide more than 150,000 other patient visits. The hospital also provides 900 paychecks, and $125,000 for Tulsa's economy every year.