A New Tulsa Landmark Is Installed On Route-66

A new landmark at Route-66 and Riverside Drive is the result of 6 years of work and more than $1.2-million Vision 2025 money.

The artist who brought this to life, says he was surprised when he was told about the complexity of the original concept.

Robert Summers was challenged by the idea, of combining a Model-T touring car and an oil field wagon.

The work also contains human figures and a team of horses.

The car contains Cyrus Avery and his family, because Avery was the person who lobbied to get Route-66 to pass through Tulsa.

Summers says he knew the job would be challenging on every level, but he told them he could make it happen given enough time and money.

The work is titled "East Meets West".

It shows the two vehicles meeting at a crossroads, and the horses being startled by the car.

Summers say it raises a question in the viewers mind and makes them wonder if one of the horses is going to knock off the front fender

He says from what he knows about horses, the car would definitely end up on the short end of things.

He adds that working on the statue was a great experience and he hopes it will bring enjoyment to Tulsans for many generations to come.