A Raw Food Restaurant Opens in Broken Arrow

Raw Intentions Kitchen is the new kid on the block in Broken Arrow. Everything on the menu is raw, and owner Denise Madeja says she knows the food could change your life, because it saved hers.

Madeja slices, dices, and blends creations she says will make you feel like new. "I was desperate to feel better. I had a lot of health issues, and I just needed to change," she told Tulsa's Channel 8. She adopted the lifestyle a few years ago and is 46 pounds lighter, but.she says she's lost more than weight. "Got my blood pressure at a normal range. Got my cholesterol, glucose, overcame chronic insomnia after four and a half years, was able to start sleeping through the night after four weeks. I found my happy. I learned to love me," she explained.

Now she hopes to help others. She recently opened Raw Intentions Kitchen on 848 South Aspen. "Our motto is healing Oklahoma one bite at a time," she said smiling. Madeja says cooking kills nutrients your body needs. "It's true that the enzymes that are present in the food are destroyed, but stomach acid is going to do the same thing," said Dr. Martin Banschbach. He's teaches biochemistry and nutrition at OSU' Health and Sciences Center. Dr. Banschbach says studies have proven raw food veggies are better at preventing cancer, but he says safety is a concern. You must make sure vegetables are washed properly or you could get salmonella poisoning which can kill you. It's also a more expensive diet.

A group of women were willing to try it Thursday. "We've got egg salad and non tuna salad. It's made from nuts," said Marcia Curley. She and her friends really liked it.

Convinced it's healthier but not quite converted. "A raw food diet? I might try some raw food sure. I mean try making some of these things," explained Linda Gottschalk.

Denise says she can teach you how to go raw. For more information clock on the associated link.