A Ride-Along with Tulsa Police: What They Say About Super Bowl Sunday

Channel 8 rode along with a Tulsa Police officer Saturday afternoon... who, like many folks across the country, had Super Bowl plans once she got off her shift.

"It's a fun time. It's a fun time to get together," said Officer Angela Bax.

However, Tulsa Police are prepared for the usual batch of alcohol-related calls they get on Super Bowl Sunday. Bax said many officers will respond to calls for domestic disturbances, public intoxication, and drunk driving.

Bax warned about the consequences of drinking too much and driving. "It's a felony. Gosh, you don't want to face that. So, I wouldn't. Call somebody, call a friend, call a cab," she said.

Tulsa Police did not increase its number of officers on patrol for game day.

Channel 8 also spoke with folks at Leon's on Brookside before the game.

"I like to be smart about it. You know, obviously I don't drink and drive," said football fan Sean Comeaus.

Tulsa Police reports that 49 percent of all fatalities nationwide on 2011's Super Bowl Sunday had something to do with alcohol.