A Safe Emergency Landing

A cool, quiet morning in the heart of Creek County was interrupted by a sputtering engine and a plane dropping quickly out of the sky.That plane came in for an emergency landing, just northwest of the intersection of S. 106th Street and 177th West Avenue.Steve Sargent lives near the landing site.He says there are training flights over the area all the time, but he rushed out of his kitchen when he sensed something wasn't right with the plane's engine.Sargent says the pilot did a great job of setting the plane down on a big pasture just west of his home.Despite the successful handling of that emergency.We spoke to a member of the Riverside Flight Center Management, who adamantly told us that no one of the had anything to say about the situation.But Trooper Paige Dowell says, if they had to have a problem in mid-air it came at the perfect time in the training sequence."They were working on emergency procedures yesterday and were refreshing today.It's kind of ironic they managed to have an emergency on day when were practicing for an emergency."Dowell ads that a little luck doesn't hurt.He says the plane missed some very rough spots in the field and came in without being damaged.The aircraft will be put on a truck and hauled back to Jones Riverside Airport in Jenks.