A Stormy Set-Up For Thursday

Well... here we are again- severe weather chances are in the forecast for late tonight out West, and tomorrow mid-morning through the evening for Tulsa and Green Country. An upper-level system, a big piece of energy if you will- will push a front with a dry-line toward the area today.

Showers and storms start in SW Oklahoma this afternoon and move East. Areas affected? OKC, Wichita and much of the state just West of I-35. We may see a few leftovers overnight and Thursday morning, but our chance of stronger storms starts Thursday.

From the late morning through the afternoon and evening, a pretty intense line of storms will move from I-35 toward Tulsa. Have your umbrellas handy and those weather radios on full power, because any of these storms tomorrow will have the capability to produce heavy rain, large hail and of course gusty winds. The tornado threat? Yeah it's there, but with most of these storms moving through in a line, straight-line winds would be more of an issue. Regardless, we are watching everything with a very close eye.

Jennifer and Mike will have further updates throughout the day so stay tuned!

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak