A Unique Job In Oklahoma's Heat

The temperature says 92 degrees and it actually goes up to 180 degrees. At this paint and body shop there's really no way to escape the heat.

In Oklahoma there are people who talk about how hot it is and then there are those who will tell you it's like working around an oven...and they mean it.

"Yeah it gets that hot," says one employee at Unique Collision Center.

It's where cars and car parts are baked almost like cakes.

"Just feel that. Oooh. And that's just the door cracked and that's too much ugh. Ten minutes of that and you'd be laying on the ground," says one worker.

It's almost a full day of 90 plus temperatures and working next to an oven.

"It is that hot. It will take your breath out of you if you walk in there," says Co-owner Dustin Jeffries.

Their remedies are to use fans...

"Drink a lot water powerade," says one worker.

Also drink lots of water and employees have the option to come in early and leave early. But even then, hot jobs can still wear on employees.

"We've had several get light headed have to come in have to cool down but nothing real major.

So they also make it a practice to watch each others back.

"Just to keep an eye out on each other. As long as everybody keeps an eye out on each other and watches each other, cause sometimes when you get real hot you don't know it until it's too late,"

It means customers sometimes need to have a cool head as employees work in the heat and it could take longer. Who's going to complain when the results are rather unique.

"It's not worth your life. It's not worth going to the hospital to make sure one more thing is done. Just take it easy, take it slow. That's all you can do in this heat," says Jeffries.