Abandoned Properties Get Plans From a Federal Grant

The Environmental Protection Agency gave the city of Tulsa $175,000 to look into abandoned properties or brownfields, located north of downtown Tulsa. Part of the pilot project was to include city and community input for possible development ideas and plans.

Tonight, the committee will release it's findings for six properties including city properties of the former Morton Health Center and the Evans Fintube facility. Privately owned Apache Circle property, former gas stations on north Hartford Avenue and Apache Streets, were included as well as a shopping center on the corner of Cincinnati and Virgin Streets.

The Evans Fintube factory is a city property now, one that would be developed into retail space, restaurants and maybe residential spots. Community members were part of a group that made suggestions for the six brownfield--or abandoned sites including Fintube and the old Morton health center building.

The city has $600,000 to clean up the old Morton building and will open it for bids to developers. The community has suggested the building be renovated into a museum, or a cultural center to preserve the history.

The other four properties are privately owned and this study will be a guide for them, of possibilities.

"Because it really is a plan to say we have gone through. We vetted this with neighborhood. They would like to see this in their community. So you've already got that built in. Hopefully that gives a developer a bit more of a comfort level," said Clay Bird of the City of Tulsa.

City leaders say they are seeking funding to clean up the Evans Fintube property, which will cost from $1 to $3 million dollars.