ABATE Toy Run to Bring Hundreds of Toys for Tulsa Kids

There are hundreds of children in our area who need toys for Christmas. Motorcycle riders come to the rescue bringing thousands of toys for the Toys For Tots drive. It's part of the annual ABATE toy run. Every toy that's donated during the run stays right here in the Tulsa area.

"It's one thing to get a present you don't like on Christmas. It's a whole other thing not to get a present at. All this prevents those kids from not getting nothing at all," says Staff Sgt. Shawn Irons, U.S. Marines.

That's why some people have been apart of this event for the past eight years.

"Folks really get into the spirit with doing this because it's a little challenging to get your gifts on there but folks find a way," says Debbie Whittaker.

There is no limit on how many toys you can bring. So hundreds of the riders brought several.

"We have people that show up with bicycles. Some motorcycles that have trailers that has toys on it. It's not one toy per bike it's as many toys as you can strap on," says ABATE Vice President, James Clark.

Organizers know that every kid likes different things so no toy will be turned away.

"There is a present for every kid whether it's a book or basketball card or baseball card or something, we can find a home for your present ," says Staff Sgt. Irons.