ABLE Commission Busts Tulsa Pizzeria For Not Having Proper State Alcohol License

The Oklahoma ABLE Commission has cited a South Tulsa pizzeria for brewing and selling beer to customers without having the proper state license.

The Pi Pizzeria and Craft Beer establishment is located at 5800 S. Lewis Ave.

ABLE Commission agents have visited the restaurant and sampled the beer multiple times. They say the beers being brewed and sold had a higher alcohol content than 3.2%. This allowed agents to get a search warrant and seize the equipment used to make the beer.

Agents say the restaurant only has a license to brew and sell low-point beer.

Director Keith Burt of the Oklahoma ABLE Commission stated that, "Not only does the ABLE Commission take seriously the importance of enforcing the laws of the State of Oklahoma, it is the mission of this agency to protect the health and public safety of our citizens by making them aware of what they are consuming."

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