Abused Dog Seeking New Life

Amore Pit Bull Rescue picked up a dog, now named Pretty, and brought her to Jenks Veterinary Hospital. Pretty was allegedly used as a "bait dog". Bait dogs are used to train fighting dogs.

Misty Bilby of Amore Pit Bull Rescue says that, "The sores on her back were open and bleeding. The vet confirmed these injuries are puncture wounds, so I really believe she was used as a bait dog." There are other wounds, older wounds. Wounds that leave scars on her now fragile body and face. Pretty should have large strong teeth, but now they are barely there, ground into nubs.

Doctors at the Jenks Veterinary Hospital have her on a treatment consisting of antibiotics and steroids. She also needs treatment for heartworms.

A member of a breed known as mighty, and thought of as vicious, Pretty is anything but. She appears to be vulnerable and timid. She has been through a lot. "People just think they're mean dogs, as you can see what she's been through, she's still so loving," says Bilby. "I named her Pretty because in my opinion it doesn't matter what she's been through or what she looks like, she's still pretty."

Amore Pit Bull Rescue has gotten many inquiries about Pretty, but she is still looking for a forever home. A home that will show her the love and affection that her last one appears to have denied her. If you would like to help with donations toward Pretty's vet bill, contact the Jenks Veterinary Hospital at (918) 299-9483.