Active Weather Pattern Returns Next Week

After a dry stretch of weather, a more active weather pattern returns by the middle to end of next week. A strong storm system will dive into the desert southwest early next week, which will allow moisture to return to Eastern Oklahoma. Depending on the track and strength of the storm system, severe weather chances look to increase next week.

Typically, May 10th through May 20th, is when our area sees the most severe weather out of whole year. The most important aspect of the potential for thunderstorms is the chance for rain. Currently, Tulsa is sitting just below 5" of rain for the year. April through June is when we normally see the most rainfall, so if we don't get caught up within the next month and half, serious drought issues could be a major headline this summer. Also, we could see warmer temperatures due to the lack of rainfall.

But, Oklahoma weather can and normally throws a few curve balls, so we will have to wait to see how this evolves.