Activist Wants to Save BC Franklin with Vision2

It's not a pleasant sight; padlocked gates, a pool with nothing but leaves, and big empty building. But things could look different through the lens of Vision2.

"Let the bulldozers go away all together," said Joi McCondichie of Save Our Parks, hoping that some of that Vision2 money will be the life raft that parks slated for demolition need.

"Keep the parks open because the children don't have anywhere else to go," she said.

"It would have been a great fit, it didn't make it," said Tulsa city councilor Jack Henderson. He lobbied for the concept, but it never gained traction.

"I said rehab every one of the rec centers, and not only rehab them, let the city open them back up as regular rec centers, city fund them, staff them, and have them back like they were before," he said.

Estimated cost to save three parks? Roughly $3 to $4 million says Henderson, but despite his advocacy...

"That idea did not fly, so I have to go with what we got," he said.

From the city, a statement saying that part of what they got was "...$14 million in funding for the creation of a Lacy Park Regional Recreation Center and repairs and modernization to the city's five remaining swimming pools."

Despite that win, the idea of losing BC Franklin, cuts deep for Joi.

"It tears the heart out of the community after all that we've suffered, and we're supposed to be a city and a community in healing, and now you go back and you tear the heart out of the community," she said.