Admiral Twin Opens 2013 Season

The Admiral Twin opened it's gates for the 2013 season. It's the first time they have opened this early in the season. Even with the chill weather dozens of people came out to see a movie.

Movie goers brought blankets, pillows and made sure their heaters were in good working condition. Luckily for the attendees, the concession stand sells hot chocolate and coffee.

Co-Owner, Blake Smith says they opened it early this year because they still have bills to pay.

"The sooner I get open, the sooner people know we are open and the sooner we start making more money," says Smith.

Smith says they will be doing extra things this year.

"We are going to try and do some more events. We owe money whether we are out here or not and with indoor theaters we can do matinee's, outdoor theaters we can only be open in the evening. So we are going to try and do some swap meets. We are going to try and do some auctions," Smith says.

Also, there will be some food trucks that make it out to the drive-in on Thursday's.

For the fans that came out here tonight it's all about the experience.

"There is something about a drive-in theater that provides a better experience then just sitting in the theater and watching movie on Netflix or something like that," says Brandon Richards.

The Admiral Twin will be open Friday and Saturday nights, with gates opening at 6:30 p.m. and the movies starting at dark.